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This account is dead...

2011-01-21 01:39:14 by SmilingJoe343

I apologize in advance to anybody who cared about Voyage, but circumstances are changing too fast.

I will no longer use SmilingJoe343 for anything. Like most of my older ideas, this account has lost its importance. It's been too long since I have made anything of worth Flash-wise, and that is not going to change in the future.

I've got to move on to bigger things now. So long, and thanks for all the fish, Newgrounds!

Work on this version of Voyage has begun. It will utilize a totally different graphical style than the other one and start a different storyline. It should be close to done around April of this year.

Here is a preview image.

The Last Light:  Production has begun!

Let's start with the bad news...

Voyage Episode 2 is no longer in the works, It has been canceled. Now before you get angry, know that I am going to release a beta version of the episode on my DeviantArt account. Just follow this link to get to it.

Here are the reasons why it was stopped.

1. I don't like the storyline anymore. The entire script I wrote for this episode and its planned sequels no longer appeals to me. I now find it to be stupid.

2. The animation process was tedious and not worth the effort. It looked a lot better than the first episode's graphics, (and you'll see what I mean when you look at the beta version,) but it took me way too long.

As a result, my motivation for this episode, and thus the entire series as was planned, is now ZERO.

Whew... that was a mouthful. Now for the good news!

I am not giving up on the series. The storyline and art style is being reworked into a new episode, which will set the basis for what I believe to be an all around better and more personal Voyage saga. The original animation will not be deleted, but this new episode will ignore and replace it, story-wise.

For once after many months, I'm looking forward to working on this series again.

See you then!

Here's an update! Much progress has been made since the last post. At least half of the animation is completed, and it's looking snaztastic. An unfinished beta version will be done at the end of May, and from there, I will build on to it until the final product is finished. It may be out around June/July-ish.

If you want to see what I've been up to recently, you can go to my DeviantArt page.

I release new digital photos there every now and then. I'll show you a lower quality version of one below.

If you are waiting for Voyage 2...


2009-04-02 16:57:59 by SmilingJoe343

Glad that was over with. Those word filters were getting annoying. I wonder what they'll do next year...

Oh well. Back to work, I guess.


2009-04-02 02:10:33 by SmilingJoe343

I'm getting tired of this site layoutt. Aprill Foools Day is over. Return thee site to its normal hue. Thee communistic colors are blinding me, and it doesn't look good with my images anymore.
Until then, cheers.

I have resisted!

2009-04-02 01:55:16 by SmilingJoe343

Your word filterr has failed. I will say what I will, and that's final!

Oh and by thee way, Voyage Episode 2 is still churning...

-SmilingJoe343, (viva le resistance)

Episode 2 Update.

2009-03-21 05:14:49 by SmilingJoe343

Well Episode 2 of the Voyage Series is on its way. I've already set up the plot and am animating the first scenes. This episode is meant to be the second part of the introduction into the Voyage universe, (the first episode being the first part) and will answer a few questions brought up in the first one. The total atmosphere that the series will have, will be somewhat different from the dark scenes of the first episode. If that dissappoints some people, I'm sorry, but I can't make a whole series on a boy being mentally abused or I would quickly go insane.
Nevertheless, the next episode is in the works and is already showing more promise than the first one did, but if you're REALLY bored then you can visit my DeviantArt Profile here.
I keep my flash movies there as well as some photoshop stuff and an old archive of stick figure drawings from 1 and a half years ago, before I got into Flash.
Until my next post, see you on the other side.


2009-03-14 12:44:17 by SmilingJoe343

I didn't think that Tom Fulp would front page my movie, but he did!
Thanks, NG! I didn't think I would get this kind of endorsement until at least Episode 3!

And to those of you who liked it, make sure to check out the artist who made most of the songs in it.
His stuff, ironicly, was also used in one of the Salad Fingers episodes.
Again, thanks for the endorsement!

Voyage is out!

2009-03-09 02:11:11 by SmilingJoe343

Well, I saved myself from limblessness by posting Voyage today! If you haven't seen it yet, click the link! It's much better than my previous works, and I'm glad it got higher than a 3 score!

To those of you who are curious about the sequel, it is already in the works! The animation and artstyle will be much improved, but it will be a tad shorter than this episode. These first two episodes will be a jump into the series as I come up with more storyline for it!

And I know you might not trust me with deadlines anymore, but I'm hoping that Episode 2 will be out by June. It might not take as long as the first one, which is a good thing.
Good bye, and Bon Voyage for now,