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Episode 2 Update.

2009-03-21 05:14:49 by SmilingJoe343

Well Episode 2 of the Voyage Series is on its way. I've already set up the plot and am animating the first scenes. This episode is meant to be the second part of the introduction into the Voyage universe, (the first episode being the first part) and will answer a few questions brought up in the first one. The total atmosphere that the series will have, will be somewhat different from the dark scenes of the first episode. If that dissappoints some people, I'm sorry, but I can't make a whole series on a boy being mentally abused or I would quickly go insane.
Nevertheless, the next episode is in the works and is already showing more promise than the first one did, but if you're REALLY bored then you can visit my DeviantArt Profile here.
I keep my flash movies there as well as some photoshop stuff and an old archive of stick figure drawings from 1 and a half years ago, before I got into Flash.
Until my next post, see you on the other side.


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