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Okay, okay...

2009-03-05 00:57:42 by SmilingJoe343

So I know I've been a bit lazy as of late about the Voyage Project. I promised it by the end of January, and it's March now, BUT... now it's REALLY almost done! It's so almost done in fact, that I'm right now working on its sequel, and it will be cooler than the one you will see soon. The only thing I have to do now to finish the project is to add some missing sound effects. If I don't have the episode up by at most the end of March, you will have my personal permission to form a mob, come to my house, and rip my limbs off in the most gruesome way your twisted minds can think of. I'm thinking episode 2 will be shorter and easier to make than the 1st one, so don't expect as long of a wait. I'm at least hoping that the first episode will be accepted, if not acknowledged by the community here at Neo Geo. Until then, cheers.


2009-01-21 21:07:11 by SmilingJoe343

The Voyage project is nearing completion! It could have been done sooner but procrastination and whatnot. I hope to have it finished this weekend so be on the looking of forwards to it.

The Project.

2008-11-19 01:05:05 by SmilingJoe343

I am about halfway done with it so far, and now that the loops are done and out of the way, I can work full throttle on it. I'm planning on calling the series Voyage, and it will have an art style similar (but not rip-offy) to that of David Firth. (known as Doki on Newgrounds) The first episode will feature music from an independant artist who goes by the username dyzv0r. His account is at

Rest assured that the episode will be on Newgrounds either in December or January.

I am currently working on a new Flash movie that may hopefully start a new series. It will most likely be finished before the end of December, so to anyone who is reading this, that's something you could be looking forward to.


2008-09-15 01:20:01 by SmilingJoe343

Though the score may be bad, I have submitted the 1st Flash movie of mine that hasn't been blammed! I do hope that it remains on the site, even if nobody ever watches it again. Expect at least 1 more flash from me this year.
If you haven't seen it, watch right now and vote honestly.

New Flash

2008-09-14 23:55:29 by SmilingJoe343

Awaiting Results...

Oh, by the way...

2008-04-29 23:48:23 by SmilingJoe343

If you really have nothing else to do, you can check out the links I set up to other areas of this Ground that is New. There are some pretty cool things in there.

Also, here is another picture.

Oh, by the way...


2008-04-11 21:42:50 by SmilingJoe343

Now for another long wait.

Still Waiting?

2008-04-11 20:46:58 by SmilingJoe343

Well Here's something to pass the time.

Hello, Newgrounds.

2008-04-05 22:36:52 by SmilingJoe343

I have been watching you for a while now, and finally, I have decided to join the show. You may expect a few things from me soon, so watch out for them, but as of right now, enjoy this Garry's Mod photo.

Hello, Newgrounds.