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Voyage is out!

2009-03-09 02:11:11 by SmilingJoe343

Well, I saved myself from limblessness by posting Voyage today! If you haven't seen it yet, click the link! It's much better than my previous works, and I'm glad it got higher than a 3 score!

To those of you who are curious about the sequel, it is already in the works! The animation and artstyle will be much improved, but it will be a tad shorter than this episode. These first two episodes will be a jump into the series as I come up with more storyline for it!

And I know you might not trust me with deadlines anymore, but I'm hoping that Episode 2 will be out by June. It might not take as long as the first one, which is a good thing.
Good bye, and Bon Voyage for now,


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2009-03-13 17:49:21

ignore that asshole...your work is precious,do some more.