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If you are waiting for Voyage 2...

2009-05-06 21:07:56 by SmilingJoe343

Here's an update! Much progress has been made since the last post. At least half of the animation is completed, and it's looking snaztastic. An unfinished beta version will be done at the end of May, and from there, I will build on to it until the final product is finished. It may be out around June/July-ish.

If you want to see what I've been up to recently, you can go to my DeviantArt page.

I release new digital photos there every now and then. I'll show you a lower quality version of one below.

If you are waiting for Voyage 2...


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2009-06-04 16:35:16

I can't wait man, I loved the first voyage, looking forward to the next one :D

SmilingJoe343 responds:

Thank you for commenting. It gets awfully lonely during the waiting phases.


2009-10-16 18:34:26

soooo, can I anticipate it anytime soon yet..?